How To Start A Running Program For New Runners

April 10 | Posted by The Staff | Tips

Everyone who makes the decision to take up running is motivated by their own individual goals. Whether it is to lose weight, get fit or the personal challenge of entering a 5K race, you will benefit both physically and emotionally.

The key to overall physical health is to incorporate physical exercise along with healthy nutritional habits into your daily routine. Running is a rigorous exercise that efficiently burns large amounts of calories and effectively enhances weight loss. Improved cardiovascular health, increased strength and coordination and the risk of diseases like hypertension and diabetes are reduced by a fitness training program of running 30 minutes a day.

The emotional benefits range from lowered stress levels, an increased sense of well being and self esteem to the euphoric state called the “runners high” which most long distance runners experience. Running is one of the least expensive and highly effective sports fitness programs you can take on for overall health improvement.

A successful running program requires minimal equipment and a few very simple but critical guidelines. Before you begin, it’s best to see your doctor for a complete physical.

All you will need to get started is a good pair of running shoes. Good running shoes are the most important investment you can make as a new runner to prevent injuries, and it’s recommended that you go to a running specialty store to get fitted.

Now that you have your doctors’ approval and a good pair of running shoes, all that’s left is to follow a few guidelines that are the key components to a successful running program. Each step is a basic fundamental concept that is designed to keep you on track.

The key is to start out slowly. It is recommended that you begin by integrating short intervals of walking and running to build up strength. Start by walking for two minutes, followed by a one minute jog then back to walking for two minutes for a total of twenty minutes a day, and only every other day. Gradually decrease the walk time and increase the time jogging. You can find several structured running plans for beginners online, and most of them are free.

Make a plan with clearly defined and attainable goals. You want to run a 5K in three months or lose 20 pounds by summer. It’s easier to stick with it when your goals are in sight.

Become a habitual runner. Make running a part of your everyday routine and avoid thinking that you will “try” to run later. Make a schedule to run every morning and the start the rest of the day. Find other runners, or join a local running club, and you’ll have more motivation and support.

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