PureFoods Fresh Start

April 10 | Posted by The SportsAndFamily.com Staff | Nutrition

We are always looking for different recipes and we came across “PureFoods Fresh Start”. This was the first at home delivery plan we have tried. This experiment started off really well, since we both enjoyed taking a break from shopping and cooking everyday. PureFoods Fresh Start has a 3 week jump start program that we really enjoyed. There were many choices for our 3 meals a day, from breakfast smoothies to grilled chicken breast wraps to Italian Meat Lasagna, and finish the day off with a little piece of chocolate. The meals are packed individually and were delivery once a week. We found this meal to be what we expected for the price, which was relatively inexpensive. Unfortunatly, we felt that the food choice just became too boring so have decided to go in a different direction. Both of us on the meal plan have some weight loss, but certainly not what we expected for our activity level.

Not having to shop at the grocery store! No stressing over cooking! Once a week delivery. The breakfast smoothies…yum!

The program was not catered to our individual weight loss goals. Bored with the food. Disappointed with the overall food quality.

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