MOTOR TABS Fluid Replacement System

April 10 | Posted by The Staff | Nutrition

We all have had heat related cramping while excising and have tried countless products to prevent cramping from happening. After visiting my local bike shop looking for so endurance drink products, the guys at the shop recommend Motor Tabs.

According to the Motor Tabs < a href=” target=”blank”>Facebook Page , Motor Tabs turns ordinary water into a smooth, refreshing sports drink! It’s as simple as dropping an effervescent tablet into water. Designed for use any time around participatory athletic activity or when additional electrolytes are required, MOTOR TABS is a portable sports drink that can go anywhere, as the tablets are individually wrapped in water/air tight foil packages that protect them from sweat, dirt and other harmful elements. Whether it’s on the bike, run, hike, gym or at work, MOTOR TABS restores vital fluids that are lost during physical activity or illness.

Motor Tabs comes in a few flavors, but I personally like the orange the best. The product lived up to what was promised. Great taste, that’s not to syrupy, and best of all, stopped my cramping.

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MOTOR TABS Fluid Replacement System

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