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Improve Your Running Indoors This Winter

October 1 | Posted by The Staff | Training

The onset of winter can pose numerous challenges to runners who make running outdoors their preferred and regular routine for maintaining their fitness training program. As the temperatures drop and daylight hours become shorter, running outdoors requires additional planning in order have a safe run and avoid injuries. Standard safety practices such as maintaining hydration and dressing correctly to accommodate... Read more

Training Workouts For Your Race Week

June 23 | Posted by The Staff | Training

Regardless of whether it is the first race or fiftieth, every runner finds race week to be a time of increased anxiety and a true test of nerves. The months of carefully planned training and intensive workouts were designed for optimum race readiness, both physically and mentally. At the end of the training program with race day in sight, it’s... Read more

Try A Non-Stop Stride Session For Your Next Workout

June 7 | Posted by The Staff | Training

Track workouts are an essential element of fitness training for many runners who are looking to improve their overall fitness or training for a race or marathon. Runners who are in race training will take their workouts to the track for repeats, or speed training. Running repeats consists of running a designated distance at a speed approximately 15 seconds slower... Read more

Improve Your Training By Stretching.

June 1 | Posted by The Staff | Training

Every fitness training program comes with a standard disclosure, or better yet disclaimer that outlines the basic do’s and don’ts for safe and effective workouts. The workout “rules” are ominous in their simplicity and demand no extra effort to carry out; concepts like “stay hydrated”, “get a check up prior to starting any sports training program”, “warm up and cool... Read more

Can’t Run? You Can Still Train.

May 30 | Posted by The Staff | Training

You already knew the answer long before you made the appointment with the doctor; that your injury wasn’t going to get any better until you stopped running and let it heal. There’s no need to abandon your training routine during a post injury recovery period, in fact that would inevitably do more harm than good. The key to maintaining an... Read more

How To Avoid Overtraining

May 20 | Posted by The Staff | Training

It’s hard to believe that too much of a good thing can be harmful when it comes to exercise and fitness training. Most exercise or training programs will leave you with sore stiff muscles at first, but the condition is temporary and usually lasting just a few days. Working through the soreness by following a sensible schedule of every other... Read more

Does Running Makes You Less Fit?

April 27 | Posted by The Staff | Training

The majority of people who run or have considered taking up running are motivated by the goal of improving their health and overall fitness. Many people choose to take up running over other exercise options because it doesn’t require expensive equipment and there are no restrictions on where and when you can run. Embarking on a running program can easily... Read more