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Make Your Butt All That It Could Be?

June 23 | Posted by The Staff | Tips

You already know that running is one of the most effective methods of fitness training there is, a total mind and body transformation. Combining a running plan with strength training will steadily increase your fitness level along with the muscle synchronicity that is essential for endurance and overall running performance. There is no doubt that it takes total muscle conditioning... Read more

Can an endurance athlete benefit from resistance training?

June 15 | Posted by The Staff | Tips

Everyone’s heard that old adage if you want to get better at something just keep practicing it. By this same rationale one could ascertain that you would get better at running by simply running more often. Seems reasonable, but running stresses some muscles more than others, thus offering thousands of repetitions of strength and coordination to one set... Read more

Does Better Balance Help You To Become A Better Runner?

June 2 | Posted by The Staff | Tips

Over the years Kenya has consistently been represented by the worlds’ best runners, which sparked the interest and curiosity from both professional athletes and coaches alike. Lisa Norden, a Swedish professional triathlete traveled to Kenya so that she could train at one of the running camps there and learn their fundamentals for excellence first hand. After completing her training at... Read more

Learn How Fast You Should Run?

May 17 | Posted by The Staff | Tips

How can you calculate how fast you should be running? You might think that the answer would be easy to find, and somehow fit neatly into an equation that factored your level of running experience in with distance and time. It seems like the right approach and certainly looks good on paper, but unreliable because it fails to take into... Read more

How On-the-Go Families Take Sports TV Everywhere

May 11 | Posted by The Staff | Tips

Enjoying the “feels like summer” weather may cause you to miss out on some must-see sporting events on programming carried by Versus or ESPN. While the family is having fun soaking up the sun on a hiking trail or bike ride, sometimes you can’t help but think that there’s nothing better than watching sports live. Seeing as content streaming technology... Read more

How To Start A Running Program For New Runners

April 10 | Posted by The Staff | Tips

Everyone who makes the decision to take up running is motivated by their own individual goals. Whether it is to lose weight, get fit or the personal challenge of entering a 5K race, you will benefit both physically and emotionally. The key to overall physical health is to incorporate physical exercise along with healthy nutritional habits into your daily routine. Running... Read more